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SPORTS NEWS two Weekly News Papers in Kannada and English brought to you by Karnataka Sports Foundation ® We are parallely implementing `SPORTS VISION 2020’ programme. NO body knows where the talent is hidden in which corner. Under this Strategy we are working to explore the budding talents of our Karnataka… for this WE thought we need a media of our own a separate media for sports. through which WE can touch each and every corner of the state and find the sports persons, organization, occasion, celebrations, competitions, talents, sports activities and bring them to the stage where they are access to the world. We wanted to share informations of the sports activities among the sports fraternity. So only we started Sports News a Weekly News Paper.

This is the era of Publicity, rather than the talent, publicity is occupying an important role. WE have seen lot of news papers in the news stall magazines and tabloids which are mainly to cover and focus in the field of science, politics, arts, astrology, cinema, politics, crime, police news, fashion , cook, hotel, industry and what not… rarely WE found Sports News that to Sports News in Kannada daily or weekly or fortnightly. All the news paper have sports matter and activities focused very marginal news in Kannada.. that to preferably in the last page/s . WE thought Publicity is most need of the hour for sport.

The thought has come to us. Before implementing any sports activities the background and information will play a vital role, without basic knowledge, information and statistics we thought We can do nothing, A proper communication with the related persons, Right information in the Right Time is highly important in this moment. We at this foundation we are collecting the data and analyzing and presenting the integrated data of all the athletes, coaches, events, infrastructure, associations, industry and business house directly connected to sports along with the government bodies and ngos involved in this area. So that in future this will really helpful for the sports fraternity.

This sports news will have all columns. There are many sports writers who are ready to contribute articles, lot of public news and views of readers, present and future competitions, results, Government Circulars, Sports Opportunities, Sports facilities, Coaches, Details and Informations about the Associations who are working for the encouragement of sports activities. Availability of facilities and infrastructure in the local, coach and instructors, trainers, equipments availability and many more data is collected by our back office to facilitate to the sports persons.




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